Tech Spec

We provide all that is required to shoot great footage. Please feel free to call to discuss your requirements and how we can help you achieve them. See below for specific details.



Studio (included with Key & Dry Hire)

  • 4m by 6.5m by 2.4 high
  • Digital green cyclorama – 4 metres wide. The a hard green floor can be extended out  2.4m (with a leading eadge of 2.4m)
  • Additional backdrops include; blue, black and white
  • Sound proof
  • Air conditioned

Camera (included with Key Hire only)

  • Sony Cinealta XD EX1 – Full HD (3) 1/2” CMOS
    sensors, each with 1920×1080 resolution (the XDCAM HD codec
    records in full resolution). It can also record in 1440×1080 XDCAM
    format to SxS express card media. Lens: f1.9-f16, 11x 5.8-81.2mm

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.03.13 pm

Digital Capture (included with Key Hire only)

  • Footage is captured via SDI/HDMI direct to hard drive – giving 4:2:2 colour separation through Media Express
  • Testing can be carried out in FCPX to ensure you are happy with the output
  • We will name files as they are being captured to ensure the most simple workflow in post production

Studio Camera Shot

Output (included with Key Hire only)

  • Output can be in a vast array of codecs. The most common, and our preferred, codecs are:  ProRes HQ 4:2:2 1.6GB/min or ProRes LT 4:2:2 734MB/min.
  • We capture at 1080p25 as a default, please advise if you require other. Other capture preferences are available upon request
  • An external hard drive (with USB3 or Thunderbolt and OS2 format) is required for footage transfer. Please supply on the day of your shoot – unfortunately we cannot burn to DVD as the files are too large. File sizes of ProRes HQ are about 1.6 gb per minute.

Lighting (included with Key & Dry Hire)

  • 2 x Dedolight 150w
  • 2 x LightPro 6 x 55w bank tungsten balanced fluorescent
  • 2 x LightPro 4 x 55w bank tungsten balanced fluorescent
  • 3 x Light Pro 2 x 55w bank tungsten balanced fluorescent
  • 2x 2m fluorescent

Audio (included with Key & Dry Hire)

  • 2 * Sony ECM 673 shotgun

Monitoring (included with Key & Dry Hire )

  • 1 x 26 inch LED LCD panel for live monitoring within studio
  • 1 x 21 inch LED LCD panel for live monitoring within studio
  • 1 x 40 inch LCD panel for live monitoring in breakout/client area
  • Audio monitoring in breakout/client area
  • NB HDMI output from camera required to connect. These monitors are NOT colour balanced.

Other facilities (included with Key & Dry Hire)

  • Client breakout/review area where you can monitor the studio live.
  • Makeup area with professional lighting and mirror
  • Kitchenette
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Wireless Internet
  • Seating
  • Cafés/ bars / restaurants directly upstair

Other services available for an additional fee

  • Autocue and operator (Script Q)
  • Live keying capability for recording or review (ATEM1) (with Key Hire only)
  • Directing services
  • Production management


Taking your footage

(Key Hire only)

Your footage will be transferred to your hard drive at the time of your booking. It is your responsibility to provide this in the correct format. As we generally shoot in ProRes HQ as a default, 1 hour of footage is approximately 94GB. Please ensure you have enough free space. If you require footage transferred to other media types, please discuss and we will provide you with a quotation.

External Hard drive specifications

Your drive will need to have a USB3, Thunderbolt,  or or e-sata connection and OS (Mac) format.

Internal Hard drive specifications

If you would prefer to bring an internal hard drive to plug into our port, please ensure it is an e-sata compatible 3.5″ drive.

For PC users

Please ensure you format your hard drive is mac compatible format and capable of files sizes above 4gb. Consider formatting your drive as an exFat. This is readable and writable for both Mac and PC. Read more here.

Please ensure permissions are set to read/write.

For MAC users

Key Studio uses Mac. Therefore if your drives are usually connected to a MAC machine you do not need to format. However, please ensure permissions are set to read/write.