Need to make video? Easy, simple, fast and affordable!

Key Studio, is a boutique video studio conveniently located in heart of Sydney - right next to the Harbour Bridge.

It offers an all inclusive service for all your video need; Television ads, Podcasts, Corporate, Streaming and fun.

Professional to novice, we can meet ALL your needs.

  • Dry Hire (studio, lights, mics)
  • Me Hire (Dry Hire plus camera)
  • Key Hire (Me Hire plus operator)

We can also provide; autocue, live key, multi-cam shoots.

All options available from just one hour.

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Key Studio was the first boutique green screen studio established in Australia, back in 2008.

Since then it has 'partnered" with 100's of  video produces and businesses (large and small),  helping them to produce  amazing content, incredibly efficiently.

From television commercials, corporate videos, training videos, internal coms, how-to videos, viral videos, "chat shows" and much more.