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Key Studio offers three options when hiring the studio.

You can:

Dry Hirewhich includes; the studio, lights, mics and monitors.

Me Hire:which includes; Dry Hire plus Camera.

Key Hire:which includes Me Hire plus experienced operator.

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Included in the Dry Hire

Studio Facilities

  • 4.3m by 6m by 3.3m high
  • Digital green cyclorama – 4.3 metres wide. The hard green floor can be extended out  3m.

  • Additional backdrops include; black and white
  • Soundproof
  • Air-conditioned
  • Reception area with, make-up mirror and studio monitoring.
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Wireless Internet
  • Outdoor area
  • Close proximity to Cafés/bars/restaurants and Luna Park!


  • 1 * Godox SL 2000w (3200k) with Softbox 35x165cm
  • 1 * Godox SL 2000w (3200k) with Softbox 60x60cm
  • 1 * Godox SL 2000w (3200k) with Softbox 50x130cm
  • 2 * Godox SZ200Bi (2800k-6500k) with Softbox 30*160cm
  • 2.x Dedolight 150w
  • 1 * Kino Flo’s  4ft 4Bank 
  • 2 x LightPro 2 x 55w bank tungsten-balanced fluorescent


  • 2 * Sony ECM 673 shotgun


  • 1 x 26 inch LED LCD panel for live monitoring within the studio
  • 1 x 42 inch LED LCD panel for live monitoring within the studio
  • 1 x 42 inch LCD panel for live monitoring in the reception area
  • NB SDI or HDMI output from the camera required to connect. These monitors are NOT colour balanced.

Included in the Key Hire

Experienced Operators

  • We provide experienced studio/ camera operator.
  • Camera

    BlackMagic Cinema Camera 6k Pro. Captured to SSD as BRAW 6k files.

All you need to bring is your hard drive (Mac compatible eg Exfat) to take your video files. We capture in BRaw.

NB. Note these files are quiet large - approximately 5-10gb per minute. Please bring appropriated USB C hard SSD drives.

Included in the Me Hire


  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6k Pro - Footage captured to SSD as BRaw.

Add Ons

  • Autocue and operator (Script Q)
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6k
  • BlackMagic Studio camera
  • Blackmagic Atemi Mini Extreme ISO; with
    • Live Switching
    • Live Keying
    • Streaming
  • 2 * Rode Wireless Go - radio mics
  • Directing services
  • Production management
  • Seperate break out area with bar tables and stools and studio monitoring.